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Frenchy style 

In this workshop you will learn to create awesome looking juggling trick, that will make all your friends think you are an absolute juggling master.

But the secret is : It's actually very easy and you can learn it in only couple hours.


During the workshop, we play and practice fun coordination exercices. Then we will first break down throws with one object. And incorporate them into simple 3 balls pattern that allow a lot of freedom for each participants style.

By the end of the workshop each participants will have their own UNIQUE tricks that they can proudly show after the workshop.


This workshop is perfect for corporate event and youth center. Juggling is an amazing activity for adult. Everyone can take part regardless their physical condition, and it is not competitive. Even better with juggling more you share your tricks, faster you learn new ideas. Because everyone has a different creativity, collaborating and sharing each other discovery is key to create a safe environnement where participants can learn from each others mistake to grow faster. 

You can book this workshop in a package with a show. I offered this combo several times and it is always a success. Contact me for a quote : 

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