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Promotional Write up

For festival program & promotional purpose

Immerse yourself in "OULALA" – a celebration of European diversity! Witness a French maestro effortlessly weaving language into mesmerizing juggling, featuring diabolo routines that stun even the most discerning audience. With a death-defying 3m unicycle act, this performance promises to transcend expectations.

Sylvain, our estonian frenchman, not only brings joy but also highlights the richness of European cultures. As a French speaker in a foreign land, his linguistic charm adds a unique twist. "OULALA" guarantees an unforgettable, laughter-filled experience – a festival highlight honoring the vibrant tapestry of Europe!

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Who is Sylvain OULALA ? 

Born in France, I graduated with an engineer diploma. However, I realized that office work wasn't the life I wanted. So, I made a radical turn and 10 years ago I moved to Estonia to start a new chapter as a circus performer.

Today, As an adventurous spirit and content creator, I wear multiple hats. From organizing my own festival in Estonia to conquering a 3000 km unicycling journey from France to Estonia. My passion for unique experiences knows no limits and this is only the beginning of my journey. 

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Technical requirement

self-sufficient Show = Simple installation + Easy to travel

Detailed show description

For for more information

"Step into the mesmerizing world of Oulala, a celebration of linguistic and cultural diversity brought to life by Sylvain, a proud Frenchy who defies clichés and embraces the beauty of language. Fluent in French, English, German, and Estonian, Sylvain ensures that every member of the audience feels included, weaving a unique tapestry of comedy by effortlessly juggling different languages, balls, knives, diabolos, unicycle... Prepare to burst into laughter as he not only showcases his linguistic prowess but also challenges you to reevaluate your own language in ways you've never imagined.

Yet, Oulala is more than just laughter – Sylvain captivates with a spellbinding diabolo act, starting with a single diabolo, executing intricate tricks that border on the magical. The spectacle intensifies as he pushes the boundaries with two diabolos, reaching a crescendo as he tosses them sky-high, defying gravity against the backdrop of towering buildings.

As the performance reaches its pinnacle, Sylvain embarks on a death-defying trick atop his 3-meter unicycle, involving volunteers in a playful yet suspenseful act. Amidst the laughter, Sylvain imparts a simple yet powerful message: with determination and collaboration, anything is possible. The grand finale unfolds with Sylvain effortlessly juggling three knives or fire torches (depending on the time of day) behind his back, all while skillfully balancing on his unicycle. Oulala is not merely a show; it's a testament to the rich tapestry of cultures, a thrilling journey that leaves audiences inspired and entertained."




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High skills

Previous festivals highlight

  • 3x Busker Bus, Poland (2014, 2015, 2017)

  • ReRiga Festival, Latvia WINNER New baltic Talent

  • Mood indigo Festival (India)

  • Street Circus Festival, Malaysia WINNER

  • 4x Kiel Artist, Germany (2016, 2017, 2018,2022)

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